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13 collections — not all quotations are necessarily part of a collection.

Here's the list of collections, sorted by the number of quotations in each one.

  1. Unsourced

    Quotations for which I could not find the author.

    283 quotations.

  2. Bart Simpson, Writing on the Blackboard

    The most interesting of the statements that Bart Simpson appeared to be writing on the blackboard, during the opening sequence of every episode of “The Simpsons”.

    149 quotations.

  3. For Programmers

    Quotations about Computers, Programming, Programmers, and Engineering.

    68 quotations.

  4. Film and TV

    Quotations from Motion Pictures and TV Shows.

    65 quotations.

  5. Trivia

    Most are well known quotations; the rest are interesting anecdotes.

    30 quotations.

  6. On Writing

    Quotations on Writing and Writers.

    24 quotations.

  7. Chuck Norris Facts

    The best of the fictional, satirical factoids about martial artist and actor Chuck Norris.

    22 quotations.

  8. On Design

    Quotations on Design and Designers.

    21 quotations.

  9. Last Words

    Interesting and noteworthy “Last Words”.

    20 quotations.

  10. The Bro Code

    A selection of articles from the code of conduct that all bros must follow; written by Matt Kuhn.

    17 quotations.

  11. Friends TV Show

    Lines from the '90s hit sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

    11 quotations.

  12. Fishisms

    Richard Fish — the fictional character from the TV Show “Ally McBeal” — had a very special talent: coming up with pint-sized nuggets of wisdom that he called Fishisms. Here, you'll find some of his greatest hits.

    10 quotations.

  13. Jack Bauer Facts

    The best of the fictional, satirical factoids about the title character of the “24” TV Show.

    9 quotations.