About the Ads

When done right, ads are great.

Unfortunately, on most of the Internet, they're done wrong — terribly, horribly wrong.

Among other things, quotations.tastefulwords.com is an experiment in doing ads right. And I honestly think I've succeeded — i.e. I believe that this website would actually be less good, without that ad at the bottom.

Advertise Here

You can have your ad appear only for quotations in a specific collection, only for quotations by a specific author, or any other variation that you can think of.

The only requirements are that (1) you have a great product or service, (2) your ad is as small as the ads I'm currently showing, and (3) your ad looks good.

Get in touch:

I'm using JavaScript to hide my email address from spam harvesters. If you're seeing this message, though, it probably means that you have JavaScript turned off, or are using a browser with no JavaScript support. JavaScript is good for the web; so you should get this fixed. In the meantime, though, here's my address: "gabriel", followed by the at symbol, followed by "tastefulwords.com".

The Backstory

I am by no means the first person who's thought of this: first was The DECK; then came Fusion Ads.

Unfortunately, I don't get nearly as much traffic as I'd need to get into one of those networks. So, for now, I'm forced to try and strike out on my own.

At the moment, the ads I'm showing are ads that have previously run — or are still running — on The DECK and Fusion Ads. And I'm showing them for free. Why? Well, because (1) no one's offered to pay me yet, and (2) I actually like these products and companies.