This is a collection of exquisite quotations: all of them were hand-picked, and most of them have been edited in one way or another — mostly to correct punctuation issues.

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The Backstory

I love quotations. I always have. So, at one point, I started collecting them — in a text file, on my computer.

Flash forward a year or so: the text file had gotten really big — over a thousand quotations. That's when I first thought of building the website — mainly because (1) I wanted a faster way to search and find quotations I only partially remembered, and (2) I wanted a simple way to easilly share this stuff with friends.

Flash forward another year or so: I finally found the time to do that.

An Experiment

One of the main reasons this website was built was so that I could explore some interesting topics: to-the-point design, web-typography, caching, speed, and storing-stuff-in-something-other-than-a-database.